How To Apply For Veterans Disability

The veterans disability application process is easy and relatively straightforward. VA employees at your regional office are helpful and can answer your questions about the process. You can apply online at the Department of Veterans Affairs website or print the application materials available there and mail them to the Department.

To apply, you will need your discharge or separation papers (DD214 or equivalent), information about your disability and medical condition, and records concerning your dependents (marriage and children's birth certificates).

But you can expect a lengthy delay before your claim is acted upon. If your veterans disability claim is denied, you should not give up hope. Many initial claim denials can be overcome, by providing needed information in an appeal.

We Represent Veterans Whose Disability Claims Have Been Denied

Dale Buchanan & Associates does not assist veterans at the initial claim stage. There is a good reason for this: your claim could be approved without our help, sparing you the expense of attorney fees.

If your initial claim has been denied or you have not received the disability rating you are entitled to, you have the right to appeal your claim. This is where Dale Buchanan & Associates can make a difference. Our law firm has successfully represented hundreds of veterans whose claims have been denied. We understand the reasons why claims are denied, how to gather needed information and pursue veterans disability appeals.

Whether you suffered a physical disability connected to your military service, a psychological disability such as PTSD, or a service-related illness, Dale Buchanan & Associates can help.

No Benefits, No Fee

We accept most veterans disability claim appeals on contingency. You will owe an attorney fee only if we obtain benefits for you.

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