What Are The Different Types Of VA Claims?

Veterans whose disabilities have been caused or aggravated by a service-related event are eligible for veterans disability benefits. It is important to note that a person qualifies for benefits based on the level of disability, not the particular type of medical condition the veteran suffers.

That said, there are a wide range of physical and mental conditions that can contribute to your disability rating. However, veterans disability is a complex area of law, and many veterans benefit claims are denied. To get the veterans disability benefits you are entitled to, you may need the services of an experienced attorney.

At Dale Buchanan & Associates, we aggressively represent veterans and veterans' spouses in disability claim appeals. Our attorneys understand the law, know the veterans disability system and how to collect the information that the Department of Veterans Affairs requires. When you choose us to represent you, we will work diligently to get your claim approved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Types Of Disabilities That Can Qualify A Veteran For Veterans Benefits

Many different medical conditions can qualify a veteran for disability benefits, as long as a service-connection can be shown — that is, a link between an event that occurred during military service and the veteran's current disability.

Some of the disabilities that can enable a veteran to receive veterans disability benefits include the following:

Psychiatric Disabilities

Physical Disabilities

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Gunshot and shrapnel wounds
  • Amputation
  • Hearing loss due to proximity to equipment noise or ordnance fire

Diseases And Illnesses

  • Cancer or Parkinson's disease due to exposure to Agent Orange
  • Gulf War syndrome
  • Burn pit injuries

When representing you, your lawyers will document your disability and tie it to an event or series of events during your military service in order to prove the service-connection. Our goal will be to help you obtain all of the veterans disability benefits you are entitled to.

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