Out Of Work Because Of Cancer?

The onset of cancer can cause intense pain and discomfort. Treatments used to fight the disease, such as chemotherapy and radiation, can cause additional problems such as nausea or fatigue. The pain and the side effects of treatment can become so severe that they prevent a cancer sufferer from working. It may be possible for cancer victims to obtain Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

But many initial SSDI and SSI claims are denied. If your claim has been denied, it may still be possible to obtain benefits through a Social Security appeal.

Cancer And Disability Benefit Attorneys

Dale Buchanan & Associates is a law firm with extensive experience in disease-related Social Security appeals. We have helped thousands of people with physical disabilities obtain SSDI and SSI benefits, and we want to help you.

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Cancer And SSDI Benefits

Whether you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits depends on a number of factors. Among the most important considerations are these: you must have worked for at least five of the last 10 years, and your illness must have prevented you from working for the last 12 months.

Some cancers that are caught early (such as prostate cancer) can be successfully treated through surgery. In these cases, cancer victims may not be out of work long enough to qualify for SSDI. Other cancers can progress so fast that applying for benefits and pursuing an appeal may not be a viable strategy.

For those people who do qualify, getting SSDI benefits can provide an important source of income for people who are facing long fights with cancer. Dale Buchanan & Associates will work hard to obtain SSDI or SSI benefits as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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