Out Of Work Because Of An Anxiety Disorder?

More than 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders according to a recent report by the National Institute of Mental Health. While some individuals with anxiety disorders are able to work and maintain full lives with the benefit of medication or other treatment, there are many others who are unable to work due to the debilitating nature of their anxiety.

Anxiety can impact an individual's ability to work in many ways:

  • Are you unable to drive because you suffer anxiety or panic attacks while driving?
  • Do you suffer drowsiness or slurred speech because of your medications?
  • Do you suffer high blood pressure or other medical complications resulting from anxiety?
  • Have you suffered discrimination in the workplace by employers who are intolerant?
  • Is the demand of a hectic workplace simply too overwhelming?
  • Do you suffer from panic attacks?
  • Do you have other mental impairments, such as depression or obsessive compulsive disorder, that make it difficult to find or maintain employment?

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