How To Apply For SSDI Benefits

There are several ways you may apply for Social Security Disability benefits. The easiest and most convenient way, if you have access to the Internet, is by going online to the Social Security Administration website,, and filing an online application. There are several websites that are similar to the Social Security Administration website. Make sure you are on the official site at

You may also apply for Social Security Disability benefits by calling the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213, and requesting an in-person or telephone appointment to file your initial application.

You will need these items to successfully file your application:

  1. Birth certificate

  2. Marriage license (if you are married)

  3. Child's birth certificate (if you have any minor children)

  4. Bank account information (name of bank, account number and routing number)

  5. List of doctors, hospitals and medications

  6. List of previous employers (for the past 15 years)

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The Social Security Disability application and determination process can be difficult and overwhelming; timelines are crucial, if you miss a deadline, you may lose your eligibility. Our lawyers are here to help you get disability benefits, whether you are our client or not. Contact our Chattanooga office for the help you may need.

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