Hurt By A Defective Product?

Product manufacturers must rigorously test their products to ensure their safety before making them available to the public. Such testing is intended to prevent someone from suffering an injury when a poorly-made product malfunctions. Vendors and retailers must also do their part to protect consumers by disclosing any and all risks associated with the product and ensuring that the product was not tampered with before it was transferred to the consumer.

Product liability cases involve many different types of products, including defective machinery and tools, recreational products, asbestos, and household chemicals and cosmetics. A product liability case can also arise from injuries caused by defective or dangerous medical appliances or pharmaceutical drugs.

If someone suffers personal injury because a manufacturer, vendor, or retailer breaches a duty of care, the aggrieved person may be entitled to compensation. Manufacturers, vendors, and retailers often try to deflect liability by arguing that the product was not under warranty or that the accident was caused by the user's own recklessness or misuse of the product. Our lawyers can help.

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